Intramural Handbook

Intramural Handbook

DSU Intramural Sports Handbook

Mission Statement

The Intramural Sports program offers Dixie State University students, faculty, staff, and spouses the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of individual and team sports. intramural sports are a fun way to meet new people, become physically active and participate in friendly competition. It is the goal of the Dixie State University Intramural Sports program to provide a fun, safe and friendly environment in order to enrich student life here on campus.

Intramural Sports Office

The Intramural Sports office is located inside the Student Activities Center. You can call the Intramural Sports office phone 435-879-GAME (4263) or by emailing with additional questions about the intramural program.

The Intramural website & Information Board

Intramural information including team registration, schedules, standings, tournament pairings, calendar of events, rules, protests, free agency, and all other forms can be found and printed off the IMLeagues website or picked up at the Intramural Office.

Captain’s Responsibilities

Team Captain

Captains provide a very important link between teams and the Intramural department. The success of the Intramural Sports program depends largely on the leadership and interests of the team captain. As a player, the team captain is held to a higher standard. Captains should set an example for their teammates by playing within the spirit of the rules and showing a great level of sportsmanship. Captains should also address a player or situation before intramural officials or staff has to step in. Team Captains are expected to:

  • Review the Intramural Handbook and become familiar with all procedures and policies.
  • Complete the Team Registration online and pay the Sport Fee at the Intramural office.
  • Make sure every player brings their DSU ID Card to every game. No Card? No Play.
  • Maintain contact with Intramural office for important updates.
  • Inform team about rules, game times, forfeits, eligibility and Dixie State University Sportsmanship Policies.
  • Control team during game participation.
  • Check to make sure each player meets the DSU Intramural eligibility requirements.
  • Attend the mandatory Captain’s meeting.
  • Make sure when adding a new player to your roster after the mandatory Captain’s meeting, he/she brings with them their current Dixie State University Student ID. No Card? No Play.
  • Have fun!

An alert and efficient captain who is interested in sports can be very beneficial to an intramural team. It is helpful for captains to visit the Intramural office (SE corner of the SAC) and check the Intramural website often in order to get to know the staff, policies and procedures of the Intramural Sports program.

Team Member Responsibilities

Team Members

The intramural sports staff is very proud to offer a wide variety of activities for the DSU students, faculty, and staff to participate in. However, each person who decides to participate in an intramural event assumes some responsibility as an individual participant. Team members’ are expected to:

  • Know their team’s game times and location.
  • Be familiar with all rules, schedules, policies, and procedures (sportsmanship and eligibility polices) of the Intramural Sports program.
  • Be at the game site at least 15 minutes prior to the start of every contest in order to be sure that his/her name is properly recorded on the scorecard.
  • Cooperate before, during, and after competition with the Intramural Sports supervisor and officials on site.
  • Make sure if you joining a team after the mandatory Captain’s meeting, he/she must brings with them their current Dixie State University Student ID. No Card? No Play.
  • Know that as an intramural team member, your participation is a privilege and it can be taken away or eliminated at any time. Fighting, taunting and any other inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. If you are for some reason eliminated from the intramural team and would like to be reinstated, you must: fill out a reinstatement form and meet with the Intramural Director, and (if necessary) meet with the Director of Campus Recreation. The official decision on your reinstatement letter will be approved by the Intramural or Campus Recreation Director.
  • Enjoy your experience and have fun!

Team Eligibility

Eligible Participants

All DSU students, staff, faculty, and spouses are eligible to compete in intramural activities as long as the spouses of students, faculty, and staff are on the same team. A non-student spouse must meet with an Intramural staff member prior to competition.


Players may only play on one team per sport. However, a player may play on a Men’s or Women’s team and Co-Ed team in the same sport. Any player who has not signed the official roster is an ineligible player. If an ineligible player is playing on more than one team, both teams are and could be subject to being dropped from competition and forfeiting games that the ineligible player competed in. Both captains and the ineligible player must meet with the Intramural Director before their next contest. If this occurs during the playoffs/tournament, the team will be removed from competition. Players that play under an assumed name will be suspended from all Intramural activities until he/she meets with the Intramural Director. Players must compete in at least one competition to be eligible for the playoffs. Players that do not play in at least one regular season contest are not eligible for the tournament even if they are on the original roster.

Teams must maintain a 2.0 (C) average to continue during league play. Teams must have a 3.0 (B) average in order to qualify for tournament play.

Enforcement of Intramural Eligibility

Maintaining the integrity of the Intramural Program includes a strict enforcement of these policies. Team captains are responsible for the eligibility of their own players and the players of their opponents. However, the Intramural Staff reserve the right to check the eligibility of all participants, and reject or not allow participation by any team/player for any reason. Any player/team found violating these rules will be subject to penalties and must meet with the Intramural Director before they participate again in an intramural activity.

Team Rosters

The team roster is the official roster for every intramural sports team. Players may be added to a team’s roster up until the end of the regular season. When adding a new player to your roster after the mandatory Captain’s meeting, he/she must bring with them their current Dixie State University Student ID. Players must have participated in at least one regular season game to be eligible for the playoffs/tournament. Please make sure that new players are informed of the rules and policies before competition.

Varsity/College Athletes

Varsity athletes may participate in other intramural activities outside their varsity sport. However, they may not participate in their varsity sport or its related activities at the intramural level. That includes Red Shirts. If you are on the squad list you may not play.

Club Sports Members

Intramural teams are limited to 2 club players in their related sport. The official club sports roster will be used in eligibility matters.

Team Entry

Steps to Enter

  1. Register your team online on IMLeagues and follow all necessary steps.
  2. Add players to your roster by either inviting them via IMLeagues of having them request to add to your team via the same format.
  3. If a fee is required make sure that is paid before the given deadline. Deadlines can be found on the Intramural website, the bulletin boards in the SAC or by contacting the Intramural Office @ 435-879-GAME.
  4. Check schedule and inform team of contest’s place, date and time. Schedules will be posted on the Intramural website/IMLeagues and at the Intramural office. It is the Captain’s responsibility to inform his/her team of important dates and times.

Free Agent List

Those players without a team can still participate. You must go on IMLeagues and add to the Free Agent List. The Free Agent list can be seen by each Captain and they will have the liberty to choose from the list. Many times there will be enough players on the Free Agent list to create a team. However, there is no guarantee that all players on the Free Agent list will be put on a team, the Intramural Staff will do their best to make sure each person will have the opportunity to play.

Team Name Policy

A team name that promotes intolerance, degrades a racial, ethnic, gender or religious group, infers an explicit sexual reference or promotes destructive behavior will be deemed inappropriate by the intramural sports staff and will be changed accordingly.

Sport Rules and Schedules

Sport Rules

Each intramural sport has its own set of rules. A handout of all rules for a specific sport will be available on the Intramural website or at the Intramural office.

Game Procedures

  • All participants should arrive at the playing field/court at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.
  • Participants should check in with the on-site intramural supervisor. The supervisor will then point the participants to the correct playing area.
  • All players must check in at the registration table and show a valid student ID card. No card? No play.
  • Please make sure that you are on the IMLeagues roster before you check in to play.


Special effort is needed from captains and players to ensure that their teams are ready to play before the scheduled game time. Games will be considered a forfeit if teams are not ready to play no more than ten minutes after their scheduled game time. However, the Intramural staff has the ability to call the forfeit earlier if they deem fit.

Forfeit Policy

Forfeit Fee: Any team who has to forfeit a game will be docked sportsmanship points.

If a team knows in advance that they will not be able to participate in a game, they should contact the Intramural office at least 24 hours before the scheduled game time. The game will then be rescheduled if possible. If the game cannot be rescheduled, the team may still be required to take the forfeit and will be given a grade of C for sportsmanship. If a team consistently asked to reschedule games, they may be removed from the league if deemed necessary.

The first unnoticed forfeit will result in a grade of F for sportsmanship.
A second unnoticed forfeit will result in the dismissal of the team from the league.

Intramural contests will begin at the scheduled game time. Game time is determined by the official’s or supervisor’s watch/clock on each field/court. In case of an unavoidable delay (i.e. weather or an overtime match), the starting time may be adjusted at the discretion of the on-site intramural supervisor.

If one team is not ready to play at game time or after the grace period, the team that is ready to play will win by forfeit.

If the required minimum number of players arrives shortly after the game time and the manager whose team has won by forfeit agrees and verifies by signing the score sheet, the game may be played as an official game. The length of the game will be shortened in order to keep the games on schedule. However, if the officials have already been reassigned, the game will remain a forfeit.

If neither team is ready to play at the designated start time, the game will be recorded as a double forfeit.

If both teams arrive late, and both agree in writing on the score sheet to play the game with the shortened time period and the officials are still present, the game may be played and recorded as an official game.

It is very important that the captains inform their players of game times and knows this policy and informs his/her team about it.

Rescheduling Games

In those instances when a team cannot play one of their games at the scheduled time, the intramural program provides the opportunity for teams to reschedule the game. The following steps must be taken in order to do so:

  1. Contact the intramural office at least 24 hours in advance of the game you wish to reschedule .
  2. Inform the Intramural Director of your reason/need to reschedule your game. At that time, the Intramural office will decide if it is fit to reschedule the game and will make every effort to do so. However, if the game cannot be rescheduled, the team is still responsible for the game and must take the forfeit if there is no other option.


Contest Protests

A Contest Protest involves a rule interpretation during an intramural contest. All contest protests must be made by the protesting team’s captain in the presence of officials, on-site supervisor, and the opposing team’s captain at the time and place of the incident. The protest must be made before the next “live ball” situation. Once play has resumed, no protests on past plays are acceptable. If the decision is still seen as unsatisfactory, the protesting team’s captain may file a protest form. The Intramural Director will make the final call the next day after the game/contest has taken place. No protests will be accepted based on the judgement of an official or referee.

Player Eligibility Protests

A Player Eligibility Protest involves a team captain protesting the eligibility of his/her opponents. All player protests must be submitted to the Intramural Office. A “Player Eligibility Protest” form must be filled out and returned to the Intramural Office.


Sportsmanship Rating System

The sportsmanship rating system is intended to be an objective scale by which teams’ attitudes and behaviors can be assessed. Behavior before, during, and after an Intramural contest is included in each rating. Each team captain is responsible for educating players and spectators affiliated with his/her team about the policies/procedures. The games management coordinator, manager, officials, and board members will determine the score for the teams after each intramural contest. The Intramural staff reserves the right to review and/or change any sportsmanship rating given. Captains inquiring about their team’s sportsmanship rating should do so the business day following the contest by contacting the Intramural Office. The sportsmanship rating system is based on the following criteria:

Excellent Conduct and Sportsmanship (4 points)

Team members cooperate with and demonstrate good sportsmanship toward members of opposing teams, spectators, and ALL campus recreation staff.
Team captain exhibits control over his/her team and spectators, converses reasonably and rationally with officials about rule interpretations, and cooperates by providing any information requested by any Intramural staff member.

Good Conduct and Sportsmanship (3 points)

Team members verbally complain about some of the decisions made by the officials and/or show minor dissensions, which may or may not merit an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Teams receive one unsportsmanlike conduct penalty will receive no higher than a “B” rating.

Average Conduct and Sportsmanship (2 points)

Team shows verbal dissent toward officials and/or the opposing team, which may or may not result in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.
Captain exhibits minor control over team/spectators, but is in control of himself/herself.
Teams receiving more than two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will receive no higher than a “C” rating.

Below Average Conduct and Sportsmanship (1 point)

Team constantly complains to the officials and/or opposing team from the field/court/sidelines.
Team captain exhibits little or no control over team/spectators or him/herself.
On the field, team members who fail to appear at their scheduled contest or are unable to produce enough players to field a team according to the rules of the involved sport will receive a D rating.
Teams that have a player ejected will receive no higher than a “D” rating.

Poor Conduct and Sportsmanship (0 points)

Team is completely uncooperative; captain has no control over team/spectators/self.
Team plays with ineligible participants or withholds information requested.
Deliberate damage or destruction of any campus/intramural facility/equipment.
Multiple player ejections or causing a contest to be forfeited by any reason than not having enough players will receive an “F” rating.
Any threatening behavior (verbal/nonverbal) towards any player, spectator, or Intramural employee.
Teams receiving an “F” rating during league play or tournament will not be allowed to continue play.
Teams receiving a “D” rating during tournament must have their captain meet with the Intramural Coordinator BEFORE their next scheduled contest.

Health & Safety

The risk of injury is inherent in many of the recreational sport activities offered by the Intramural Program. It is strongly recommended that individuals intending to participate in the Dixie State University Intramural Program should, for their own protection, have a physical examination to determine if they are physically able to participate, be fully aware of all inherent risks involved in that sport, and have medical insurance to cover expenses incurred in the event of an injury. Dixie State University does not provide any accident coverage.

All players must have completed a risk/liability waiver before they are allowed to participate in an Intramural Sport/Event.


If a player is bleeding, has an open wound, or has an excessive amount of blood on his/her clothing, he/she will be removed from the game in order to receive medical attention. A participant may return to the game only when the bleeding has stopped, the wound is covered, and/or the clothing has been changed.

Employment Opportunities

DSU Intramurals hires student officials, scorekeepers, and supervisors. All students interested please stop by the Intramural Office and pick up an application. No experience is required. Come enjoy your time with your fellow students and get paid at the same time!


In cases where policies are not outlined in this handbook, the intramural sports staff and Coordinator reserve the right to use common sense and fairness in providing interpretations on the policies and procedures contained within.