Fitness Center Course

Fitness Center Course


Students enrolled in Fitness Center academic courses (PEHR 1088) are granted access to the Fitness Center and may earn Dixie State College elective credit by accruing a minimum number of consistent weeks of attendance (Minimum of 2 visits per week), hours and play activities

There are different sections of the Fitness Center course. Before beginning the orientation, please check your class schedule to ensure you are enrolled in the correct section.

  • PEHR 1088-01 is a semester letter grade course.
  • PEHR 1088-02 is a semester pass/fail course.
  • PEHR 1088-03B is a block letter grade course.
  • PEHR 1088-04B is a block pass/fail course.

Fitness Center student are granted full access to the Fitness Center including:

  • Cardiovascular and strength training equipment
  • Body fat percentage testing (By appointment)
  • One time meeting with a Registered Dietitian (By appointment)
  • Diet analysis computer software
  • Strength testing
  • Custom exercise program design
  • Cardiovascular testing

Sign up for Fitness Center courses online or through the registration office.

Student can add semester long classes online until through the last add date listed on the academic calendar. Students wishing to add after these dates must get an ADD Card from the registration office.