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Start a New Club

Club Sports

Start a New Club

Start a New Club

To apply and register with Dixie State University Student Government to become an official Dixie State University club, complete the Dixie State University Club Sport registration process:

Part 1

  1. Submit a one page proposal that includes.
    1. Your proposed club mission statement.
    2. A statement explaining why your club should be registered and how the presence of your club will enhance the lives of your member and of the lives of the general Dixie State University public.
  2. A proposed schedule of your clubs events for the upcoming year.
  3. A description of what you think your club will look like in 5 years; 10 years.
  4. Submit proposal to be reviewed by Dixie State University Recreation Department.

Part 2:

  • Upon approval of registration part 1, the applicants can them move on to part 2 of the registration process; which entails
    1. Draft and revise and club constitution. The following link is an example constitution:
    2. Complete Dixie State University Club Sport registration forms and submit all documents required along with that those forms
  • Upon completion, submit documents to the Dixie State University Recreation Department for review and final approval

Part 3

The club will operate under a one year probationary period, will be self-sufficient for one fiscal year without funding assistance from Dixie State University Club Sports accounts, and each member of the club is required to adhere to the policies and procedures of the Dixie State University Club Sport handbook. Full recognition of Club Sport status will after this one year probation will be judged on, but not limited to:

  1. The clubs involvement in Dixie State University club activities.
  2. Meeting the requirements for maintaining good standing as a Dixie State academic club.
  3. Consistent club involvement from its members and its officers (i.e.. practices, meetings, fund raisers, games, etc...).
  4.  Registration in an organization associated with the sport the club is affiliated with, if applicable.
  5. Working with Campus Recreation to schedule events and games with organizations that will promote future involvement as well as working to obtain a consistent amount of scheduled games from year to year.
  6. The club must demonstrate that there are opportunities for competition and/or participation in the sport within the region.
  7. The clubs potential to be a long lasting Club Sport at Dixie State University.

Your information will be kept on file and the club can reapply the next semester.