Personal Training

The Dixie State College Fitness Center offers personal training, group training, testing and other services designed to help individuals reach their fitness goals.

Assessing Your Fitness Levels & Goals

Fitness Center trainers are well trained in assessing the individual’s fitness goals. A variety of fitness testing is available at minimal cost. By assessing current levels and future progress, trainers can better develop programs to fit individual needs. Available testing includes:

  • Body fat percentage testing
  • Body measurements
  • Flexibility testing
  • Strength testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Cardiovascular fitness testing

Fitness Center members are entitled to one free fitness assessment. Fitness assessments per semester. Individuals interested in additional fitness assessments will be charged $25 per assessment.

Dixie State College Personal Training

The Dixie State College Fitness Center offers one on one personal training to students, faculty, staff and St. George community members. On staff personal trainers are among the best in the St. George area and are under the supervision of Christian Hildebrandt, Masters in Sports conditioning, SUU, American College of Sports Medicine and National Sports Conditioning Association certified fitness expert.

Personal training can be scheduled as one-on-one sessions or group sessions.

Weekly Group Fitness Training

Throughout the semester various 2 week, 4 session group fitness training programs with a personal trainer will be available for students, faculty, staff and St. George community members. Sessions will focus on a wide variety of personal training and fitness techniques. Sign up sheets will be available at the front desk. weekly group fitness training rates are as follows:

4 Sessions $20 per Individual

Individual Personal Training Sessions

Individual sessions are customized to the fitness levels and goals of each client. Clients receive in-depth one-on-one training from experienced personal trainers. Rates are as follows:

1 Sessions $25
4 Sessions $90
6 Sessions $120

Personalized Group Fitness Sessions

Group sessions offer a less expensive alternative to individual personal sessions. Groups of 2 to 5 people can receive personalized fitness training at a group rate. Rates for groups are as follows:

4 Sessions $125 per Group
6 Sessions $180